Posted on 2011-04-18

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Golden Dragon Girl O_o
Posted on 2011-04-18 at 00:00:00
There will now be words.

I have good reasons for choosing to go this route with this particular triangle, most of which will probably get mentioned in the comic sooner or later (and which a few of you probably would have seen coming if I updated more consistently. XP Maybe some of you DID see it coming, it's not like I'm all that clever at subtlety.)

A big out of story reason, though, is that usually when you see this sort of thing in fiction it's two girls and a guy. Lette is more than enough girl AND guy for any relationship she's in, and I just thought it seemed like a natural sort of path for her to take, that she's actually serious when she tells her mother she's building a harem.

(Her mother probably realized that she was being at least partly serious, too, before anyone asks.)

Now, how she plans on keeping that harem in her tiny apartment is anyone's guess. I suppose she's going to have to get a better paying job soon. XD

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